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River Levels

4.88 ft, 481 cfs at 02:45AM 5/10/21
Vermillion (Hastings)
2.61 ft, 50 cfs at 02:15AM 5/10/21
St. Louis
3.87 ft, 1820 cfs at 02:30AM 5/10/21
8.20 ft, 439 cfs at 02:15AM 5/10/21
10.85 ft, 28 cfs at 04:45AM 12/08/20
Minnehaha Creek
12.12 ft, 6 cfs at 02:00AM 5/10/21

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Upcoming Events

* Denotes an event organized by Rapids Riders Canoe & Kayak Club. All other events belong to the listed organization.

Sun May 23 - Wausau Whitewater River and Course Clean Up

Sat Jun 05 - Wausau Whitewater Rec Release

Sat Jun 12 - Jim Falls Release

Sat Jun 26 - Charles City Challenge

Sat Jul 10 - Wausau Whitewater Rec Release

Sat Jul 10 - Lower St Louis Release

Sat Jul 17 - Jim Falls Dam Release

Sat Jul 24 - Lower St Louis Release

Sat Aug 07 - Wausau Whitewater Rec Release

Sat Aug 14 - Jim Falls Dam Release

Sat Aug 14 - Lower St Louis Release

Sat Aug 21 - Wausau Whitewater Rec Release

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Rapids Riders Whitewater Canoe and Kayak Club, Inc. is an organization representing a broad range of individual whitewater enthusiasts. Rapids Riders provides community for these people who paddle, cherish and protect the rivers, lakes and streams in our region and who are willing to work toward accomplishing our mission of providing education, promoting resource stewardship and whitewater paddle sports in our region.
To support its charitable and educational programming, Rapids Riders routinely charges participation fees for our training and events. Any excess revenue generated is in turn donated to organizations that align with our goals — worthy groups like these.
All our efforts are conceived, organized and realized by unpaid volunteers - from the Board of Directors on down.
Please consider a donation. Rapids Riders is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your contribution qualifies as a tax-deductible donation to the maximum amount allowable by law.